Showers, Kitchen sink and Gray water
Garbage, Compost and Recycling 

Planning on camping with us in 2014? YES? Fucking awesome! Here is some need to knows about our camp and what to exspect and what is exspected of you.

After the trash/ recycle disaster of 2013, we are doing things a bit differantly in 2014. We will be recyling as much as possible and composting. NO GLASS WILL BE ALLOWED IN CAMP. (other then things such as olives, Specialty Liqour or sauces)

We will have bins for:


Aluminum cans: Beer and soda

Carboard, paper, sanitary napikins (IE anything that cleanly burns)


Compost: Food scraps and compostable materials


As a camp member, Each person will be required to haul out one bag of the above mentioned.


In 2014 we will have a brand new shower set up. Three cheers for Tom for engerneing a new shower after the not so great set up in 2013. It worked but we want better!

This year we will be contracting out our gray water removal. YAY no more evap ponds! We also may be contracting in water delivery deppending on price.

Gray water tank-

NO FOOD IN THE TANKS! All water must be strained prior to dumping. No ciggarette butts, or black water IE : Poop, pee or anything else that has come out of your body. The blue room is down the road.

Gray water is not to be dumped on the playa. Gray water is anything that has touched your body or cooler water that has come into direct contact with food such as meats or veggies.

Clean water may be thrown on the playa. Please put your water on dune areas as to help keep down the dust.

This year we will be having a communal kitchen with a 3 compartment sink. These sinks will drain into buckets. Buckets should be strained and poured into gray water container to be removed.Do not pour these onto the playa. Never ever!


Please be smart. Dont bring stuff into camp. You're adults, be smart about it.

In 2013 we scored ALL GREEN on the moop map! High fuckin five!!But....We had a few areas on our plot of land that were concerning when doing the end of the week sweep. One major oil leak was found that went down almost 8 inches into the playa. We found a ton of red glitter by the shower and in another area tons of little tiny wood pieces. These are the things that cause red marks on the map. This year we are requiring the following:

All cars, trucks, vans, and uhauls must put cardboard under there oil pans to prevent leaks onto the playa. We will be checking this to prevent end of week suprises.

NO GLITTER IN CAMP. It was a huge mess to clean up and is banned by the ORG anyways. Please no feather, onion skins, or anything with shells.

in 2013 we were pretty leinate in daily moop sweeps and it came back and bit us in the ass at the end of the week and im sure hurt our neighbors some. So in 2014 we are introducing 10am and 7pm MANDATORY MOOP sweep of camp. Sweep the camp and pick up around the common areas of things that could become moop.

Before leaving BB&B and BRC at the end of the week you will need to check in with Tom Servo or TattooGoddess to get your spot checked out. We had to many people leave with out moop sweeping their own area before leaving. Can't let this happen again in 2014.

MOOP/ Break down Party! I know I know how can this be a party? In 2014 we will be having a end of the week moop party. We need at least 5 people to stick around till all is said and done. We did almost all the break down alone this year and the final moop sweep with just the two of us covering an area of 100 feet by 150 feet. Not going to lie, it sucks. But if we have a few people stick around this will get done so much fster. SO.. we are throwing a party for those of you who stick around and help. Trust me it will be worth it! Lets shoot for green!









Required reading for all camp members:

Camping with us!

Consent and camps
sexual dynamics


Burning man is a very sexual  charged atmosphere. There are many camps out there with very differant sexual vibes to them. Some of you may be new to the playa, some of you may not be. We will not tell you how to do your burn or how to live your life while in camp but we do have views that need to be respected. We live by the B.E.D model in our camp.


"We want our campmates to be open and to enjoy any and all sex you may have at Burning Man! However, every year there are incidences of sexual assault on the playa and we want our beloved camp mates to be safe! So, even though it's an awkward subject, we would like to briefly talk about sex and what behavior we expect from all of our camp members. To promote this awareness, the Bureau of Erotic Discourse has asked up to endorse the following guidelines for safe sexual adventures:

#1 Always ask before touching, even if you know them! It's polite, it's good manners, it will earn their respect. (This includes their significant other as well as to not create unwanted drama or issue with in camp or their feelings abused)
#2 Respect your partner's desires and boundaries. How do you find them out? ASK! Again, it's fun and sexy to find out a little about your partner before diving in.
#3 Do not have sex with an intoxicated or stoned person... not only is it technically against the law, but it is potentially very hurtful to that person. And what fun it that? If you have made a sober pre-agreement with a partner and go get fucked up, thats cool... but do not pick up a drunk, high hottie and take advantage! Be smart, take care of your partner, cover your butt, get sober ... Remember to leave that person better off than they were when you met.
#4 Card your partner... OK, maybe that's exaggerating but please make sure your potential partner is of age. There are some darn hot underage peeps out there, so be aware! Again, we don't want anyone to get hurt.
#5 If you hear or see one of our campmates in trouble, step in and ask if they need help! We would like it if you did this with anyone out there, but we absolutely expect it with our theme camp family. We take care of each other! In addition, consider buddying up when you go out for the evening. Guys watch out for the women, and vice versa! We do not want any of our family members assaulted this year.
#6 If, god forbid, someone does get assaulted or feels threatened in any way, we want you to know right now that we support everyone here! No matter how it went down- tell us. There are amazing services available both at the Ranger Stations, Medical Tents and Emergency Services. We will go with you, we will hold your hand, we will take care of you. If some thing happens-- tell us! The same goes if something happens within our camp or outside of it. Remember, you are not alone!

If you need help with any sexual assault, domestic violence or other threatening situation, know that Burning Man has developed a team of Emergency Services personnel to help victims of violence or abuse. Seek help at any Ranger Station or Medical Station.


We are not a polyamourus camp. We welcome people from all walks of life! But most people in BB&B are not poly and we ask that you respect this and campers relashionships. NO means no from both people in the relationship.


Communal Effort in camp

and your fellow camp mates

Lets face it, we are one big dysFUNctional camp. We know how to burn, maybe a bit to well.But we need to be serious for a second. We need to take care of one another and take care of the camp.As a camp member we would hope that you would look out for one another along with the camp its self. If you see a camp member who needs help; help them out. Sometime we may not see that we need help or are to bull headed to ask for it. If you see a camp member who looks like they may be in the first stages of dehydration, get them some water. You might have a camper who has had a bit to much to drink, get them some food and water. If they are in really bad shape you may want to consider getting a ranger or an EMT. We had one person in 2013 that had to be taken to the hospital due to having too much to drink, and were not talking water. We had two awsome campers step up and get them help. This is what Blood Bath and Beyond is about ; helping one another out.

If you see people wondering threw the back part of camp or going through items in the front of the camp, please ask them if they are lost, need help or are looking for some one. It is not that we are an unfriendly camp and do not welcome people, but our camp members saftey comes first.

While we are on the saftey of people and their items, we had 2 bikes come up stolen in 2013 right from camp. There is a rule on the playa, Unless the bike was locked up, it was not stolen. We are not resposible for your items that you have left unlocked or un secured. In 2014 we will be having a bike rack that you can lock your bike to. PLEASE do not lock your bike to another campers bike.

As part of BB&B you are expected to help in some way in the camp. Be it cooking, cleaning, bartending, ect. We had to many people last year not wishing to step up to the plate and be participatory. This left alot of weight on other camp members and took more time away from their personal burn. In 2014 we will be assigning some type of action/chore to every person. Be it an ice run, a bartending shift, kitchen clean up, ectc.. These will not be lenghthy and will give every one a chance for every task in camp. We did not want to really go this route' but to keep things running smoothly in camp, along with keeping camp clean we have to.


If above all and anything this is what you need to read and fully understand


We had some issues regaurding the laws and regulations of the Nevada state law with opperating a bar on the playa in 2013. So I have made this portion of the web page dedicated to the laws EVERYONE must abide by. If you are caught purpously serving a minor YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM CAMP! This is a serious matter, and our camp, remaining around depends on YOUR cooperation!


#1-  Anyone who looks under the age of 40 will be ID-ed. We will have the date to look for posted on the bar for the day.



      These can be photo shopped quite easy.


#3- No ID- NO drink.  Simple as that


#4- Ask them are they legally able to drink in the state of Nevada. Some fellons are not legally able to drink, and we can not serve them.


#5- There will be no bending these rules what so ever. If you are caught bending these rules you may be asked to leave camp if we see it as a major problem deppending on the situation. Yes police do do stings on bars on the playa and we can not afford the $2,000 fine or to be shut down.


If you see someone who is visibly out of it IE had way to much to drink or is on a bad trip, Please do not serve them. Ask them to come in and sit down out of the sun and give them some water and something to munch on. That just being an awesome burner!


Oberscharführer: Tom Servo Mayoress:TattooGoddess