Fees for 2014 Blood Bath and Beyond are as follows-
Before January 31st 2014-           $100
Febuary 1st- June 30th 2014-      $120
June 30th 2014 till gates open-  $150
Pay 2014 camp fees by clicking button below.
Also can be paid by check or money order. Please email us for information on how to do this.
Also required per person-
2- 1.75L bottles of cheap vodka
6- 1.75L bottles of Bloody Mary mix.
Garnishes such as pickels, pickeled items, hot sauce, ect are welcomed and encouraged.
We try to keep our fees low to be able to have as many people be apart of BB&B as possible. Your fees in 2014 cover the following:
- Gray water removal from showers,kitchen and bar
- Construction on new kick ass enclosed shower with plumbing!
- A new huge kitchen set up! No more nightmare kitchen of 2013
- Box truck gas to haul the camp to the playa
- Payment of storage until in Fernly that holds all the camp gear.
-ID braclets for the bar to verify who is over 21.
- Gasoline to power the camps 2 generators.
- Full budget break down by clicking here.
As per Burning Man Rules you are required to do at minimum 2 hours of MOOP clean up. We request you stay until Monday Morning if possible to help do one last MOOP sweep in camp so we are able to receive GREEN and a space for next year.


Interested in joining our camp? Send us an Email! Questions? Feel free to Email as well!

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BloodBath & Beyond